Theater Shows For Date Night In London ?>

Theater Shows For Date Night In London

A date night out at the theater is quite possibly the most timeless, classic way to enjoy some special time with a significant other and few places match London for the range of spectacular romantically themed shows to pick between. The great thing about taking in a theater show as part of a date is that it builds a very special sense of occasion, as not many people attend live performances as frequently as they used to. Quite simply getting dressed up to the nines, fitting in a quality dinner and taking in a show in a grand old theater is a wonderful formula for a perfect romantic date. Here we’ll take a look at a few of the best romantic theater shows for any date night in London, starting with….

Les_MisLes Miserables

While perhaps it’s fair to say that ‘Les Mis’ would be better described as a musical, the story itself is based upon the classic work of literature written by Victor Hugo. Few stories are as compelling to follow as the trials and travails of Jean Valjean as he struggles with his conscience following release from a long spell of incarceration. It’s perfect for a date because not only is the show itself a literal landmark and a ‘must see’ feature of the West End, but the score includes many romantic classics.

The BodyguardThe Bodyguard

This award winning show takes up a much more contemporary and ‘rockable’ spirit than Les Miserables, and is a perfect show to fit into a great date night out on the town. While you won’t find much room to dance in the theater – this show sells out most evenings – it’s an ideal warm-up before hitting the dance floor, featuring many of Whitney Houston’s finest tracks. At moments this show is almost more like a rock concert than a play, but the story is very romantic indeed featuring plenty of romantic sentiment especially around the devotion/duty theme. Great for any couple.

How The Other Half LovesHow The Other Half Loves

Penned by Alan Ayckbourne who is quite possibly Britain’s most loved humourous playwright, this devilishly entertaining comedy focuses upon three sets of couples who just can’t help themselves from prying into the sensibilities of their fellow partners. Making light of the foibles and quirkiness to be found in all relationships, this is great option for couples who like to have a good old giggle and spot maybe one or two of the sentiments expressed in their own relationships too! Brilliant fun from one of the best in the business.

Phantom Of The Opera

Much like the aforementioned Les Miserables, no list of the best romantic theater shows in London would be complete without this entry. So long and professionally established (over 25 years!) that it simply oozes class in regards to performance and production values, this classic tale of love and lust is as timeless as it gets. Absolutely perfect for any date, try to look for superior seats or maybe even a box to get the best view of the actor’s expressions as they’re crucial to the story.

Hopefully these options will help give a taste for what’s available in the glorious old West End, but do remember that there’s always plenty of live performances to be enjoyed across the city on any give evening. A useful final piece of advice is to consider booking a trip to a show – especially one of the larger scale productions – as part of an overnight hotel package as they can lead to considerable savings too.

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